1. HVAC Myths Part 3

    Welcome back to our blog! In the past two entries, we explored several myths about HVAC systems. These are some of the hardest working systems in our homes, and they serve a crucial purpose: keeping us comfortable and healthy in hot and cold weather. That is why it is so important to understand them and what they need. We conclude our myths series with these last three myths! MYTH: Service agreeme…Read More

  2. HVAC Myths Part 2

    In our last blog, we explored several myths about HVAC. These heating and cooling systems are absolutely crucial to the comfort and health of you and your family, no matter the season. They have been around for a while, and many different ideas have come up about them. Some of these are misleading, and can lead to costly mistakes. At James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating, we are committed to ma…Read More

  3. HVAC Myths Part 1

     As winter approaches, we have been busy with HVAC installation and repair in order to make sure the people in the Charlotte area are prepared for cold temperatures. It is important for everyone to understand their HVAC systems. Everyone has an opinion, and over time, several myths have cropped up about this essential equipment. In the next few blogs, we will bust these myths right up! MYTH: Air …Read More

  4. Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor Part 2

    It does not matter the season - you need your HVAC system to be at the top of its game. When it has trouble, you need an HVAC contractor who can quickly and lastingly get it up and running again. We recommend you give your system regular maintenance to extend its life and avoid crises. If anyone is going to touch your HVAC system, it needs to be the best contractor in your area. Finding this contr…Read More

  5. Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor Part 1

    When you need to hire a HVAC contractor, it can be overwhelming. You likely have many companies ready to do the job, so how do you find the best one? At James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating, we are committed to being the ultimate HVAC solution for the Charlotte area. In the next few blogs, we will give you some insider tips on what to ask when exploring a prospective contractor. We want to emp…Read More

  6. Coming Soon…

    We are currently in the process of working on our new blog. Please check back again soon for important news, updates, and other information.…Read More