When the time is right for a new air conditioning or heating system, we provide custom comfort solutions. We know that every home is as unique as the family living within it, and we take great pride in meeting each and every HVAC-related need of each of our clients. Whether you’re looking for air conditioning installation, HVAC repair services, or any type of heating or cooling services, we want you to know that we first completely evaluate the needs of your family and your home, and then we help you design the system that is right for you. Before we begin work, we will always present our plan to you in writing for approval. You will know exactly what we plan to do before we begin working on your project!

At James Brown Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe that the most important day in the life of an HVAC system is the day it is installed. With proper design and installation, most new systems use far less energy to heat and cool your home, provide a higher level of comfort, and are very reliable for many years to come. Our HVAC experts know what needs to be done to install your HVAC system flawlessly. Your satisfaction with our work is our goal!

A badly-installed HVAC system can be worse than no system at all, but you do not have to worry when you hire James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating! We understand how important your comfort and health are, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Our entire company is dedicated to providing the HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services you need.

If you are located in the Charlotte, North Carolina region, contact us now to get started on planning your new HVAC system. All of our experience is at your disposal!