Staying cool when the temperatures hit their July and August records is no easy feat, especially when your HVAC system isn’t running at its best. If you’re trying to save money on energy bills, that just adds more complexity to the situation. You not only need to have enough knowledge to make good decisions for your HVAC system, you need access to the best in the business. At James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating, we are passionate about being the ultimate solution for discriminating home and business owners in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, which makes us your best choice.

In all our years serving Charlotte with quality air conditioning service, we’ve run into plenty of misconceptions about HVAC services. These myths prevent people from making smart decisions, so we’re going to take some time to clear them up in this blog.

Don’t Be Fooled By These HVAC Myths

At the end of the day, you don’t want to have to give your HVAC system more thought than necessary. You need peace of mind about it instead. Understanding what is true and what isn’t makes all the difference.

Closing the vents reduces energy bills.

  • It makes sense to close vents in rooms you don’t want to heat or cool, right? At first, yes. However, closing off parts of the system raises the air pressure and can create leaks. This can lead to your heating and cooling your attic or the insides of your walls without even realizing it. In general, it is better to keep your system flowing as a whole.

Filters only need to be changed once a year.

  • Dirty filters impede the airflow to your air conditioning unit, which, in turn, forces the unit to work harder and shortens its lifespan. Additionally, the air your unit works so hard to cool will be dirtier, which can lead to allergies and general dustiness. Your filters must be changed at least once a year, and the more often, the better, especially if you struggle with asthma.

You can cool faster by cranking the thermostat way down.

  • If you get home and find your home to be hot and stuffy, it can be tempting to put the thermostat way down in order to give your A/C unit an extra kick in the pants. However, choosing an extreme temperature won’t make your unit hurry. In fact, it will simply run longer in efforts to achieve your target. At the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do to make your air conditioner hurry, and cranking it down will just make it run longer.

Routine maintenance isn’t that important.

  • We all just want our HVAC systems to work, keeping us comfortable at all times. The good news is, they are designed to do just that. The bad news is, they can’t do it on their own. They are mechanical systems that require maintenance. Without it, they will run as long as they can and then fail expensively.

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