There’s a lot of talk about “green” everything – from light bulbs to roofs to windows. The HVAC system has not been left out. As one of the systems that runs pretty much constantly all year, it is a prime opportunity for energy and money conservation. The great news about this is, the more efficient your system, the more money you save in the long run. The system may actually pay for itself. Who isn’t excited for that?

In our next four blogs, we will discuss technologies that are coming together to make HVAC systems more efficient.

  1. Recirculator for hot water that functions on command
    • The concept for this tech came about because of all the people running their taps to get warm water to arrive. As it turns out, the average home wastes about 12,000 gallons of water per year because of this process.
    • The recirculator consists of a pump attached to both the hot and cold water lines under a sink. When running, it catches all the water you’re letting down the drain while waiting for warm water and sends it to the hot water heater. The result is you have hot water available all the time.  

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