Sometimes, it is easy to feel that no one works as hard or as constantly as you do. We have good news: you’re not alone! Your HVAC system has to be on top of its game 24/7 all year in order to keep you comfortable. Just as you find relief when you can do something more efficiency, efficient HVAC systems can get a lot more done with a lot less cost. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

We have used our last three blogs, to discuss the technologies that are making HVAC systems into efficient beasts that endure longer and need less energy. We will finish up in this blog!

  1. Coal
    • For a long time, coal has been known as one of the biggest threats to the environment. Because it can be up to 90 percent carbon, it creates greenhouse gases like crazy when it’s burned.
    • Carbon can be used to create hydrogen gas when combined with water in a process called gasification. The hydrogen gas is used to turn a turbine and produce electricity.
    • What happens to the emissions and solids produced by the process? Well, the emissions are pumped underground and the solids are burned.

HVAC systems will only improve as time goes on. If you have an old system, you will likely find a lot of relief from having a new one installed. We can visit your home and evaluate what is needed, including air cleaners. Contact our Charlotte headquarters today to start a conversation!