The official beginning of spring is just a day away. Some people are excited and others are not. For some people, spring means flowers, showers, and tweeting birds. For other people, spring means itchy eyes, running noses, and endless sneezes. At James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating, we are all about air, and we have a full understanding of what can make spring air great and what can make the same spring air terrible.

When you work in HVAC in Charlotte as long as we have, you start to learn the natural pattern of the year and what people need in each month. When March rolls around, temperatures are still pretty chilly and snow can roll in at any time, but the plant life is starting to come back. That means flowers, grass, and trees are all getting ready to explode. When you’re allergic to pollen, you’re facing one of the most challenging times of the year. You’re also looking at changing over from heating to cooling. We can help you with both challenges.

Ways to Combat Spring Allergies Early

In today’s blog, we’re going to try to help our allergy-sufferers with some practical ways to get ahead of the pollen curve and make this your most comfortable spring ever!

Start taking medicine early. 

If you depend on allergy medication to keep everything calm, it’s a good idea to start taking your medication about a week before spring begins. That way, you’ll get the medicine into your system and be ahead of the curve rather than just reacting to the pollen’s arrival. If your medication makes you drowsy, you can also build some good habits for keeping the sleepiness at bay.

Be smart about the time you spend outside. 

Having to stay inside when the sun is out, the birds are tweeting, and the temperature is balmy can be the worst. Even if you don’t care for spring weather and you’re happier inside, you’re going to have to venture out at some point, whether it’s for a job, some groceries, or a workout. Here are some ways you can be smart about how you engage with the outdoor world of pollen:

  • Pollen count is highest when it’s windy or early in the morning. If you can, avoid stepping out at these times.
  • Wear sunglasses or glasses as a first line of defense for your eyes.
  • If you have to mow or work in the garden, wear a filter mask.
  • Once you go back inside, take a shower, wash your hair, and put on new clothing. You don’t want to bring pollen into your home!

Fine-tune your home habits. 

  • Remove your shoes at the front door and request that your guests follow suit. This will keep irritants outside.
  • Invest in a vacuum that has a high-efficiency filter able to trap those nasty little particles.
  • Keep your windows closed and invest in your air conditioner.

Let Us Keep You Breathing Easy in Charlotte

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, the team at James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating is here to keep your air comfortable and clean. Let us be your allies against allergies this spring with our air cleaners system.