As winter approaches, we have been busy with HVAC installation and repair in order to make sure the people in the Charlotte area are prepared for cold temperatures. It is important for everyone to understand their HVAC systems. Everyone has an opinion, and over time, several myths have cropped up about this essential equipment. In the next few blogs, we will bust these myths right up!

  1. MYTH: Air filters only need to be changed once a year – if that!
    • Though many factors come into play, over time, your filters get blocked with dirt, dust, and moisture. The dirtier they are, the harder your system has to work, which can impact your budget. Get the advice of a professional.
  2. MYTH: Putting the thermostat all the way up/down will heat/cool your home faster.
    • Think of the thermostat as an on/off switch. That is all it does. The higher or lower you put it will not make the process move any faster – the HVAC system will simply work longer to achieve your desired temperature.
  3. MYTH: Heating and cooling is not affected by the thermostat’s location.
    • Because a thermostat reads the temperature around it, if it is in a sunny location or a cold location, it will regulate the entire building according to the temperature it experiences, which can make for an uncomfortable environment.

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