Your heating and air conditioning system plays an integral role in your health, comfort, and overall well being. Because HVAC systems are designed to last for a long time, you may have a brand new system or a system that’s 15 years old. Either way, HVAC systems generally work so well, they tend to be out-of-sight-out-of-mind for us, quietly managing the temperatures of our living and working spaces. However, when an HVAC system has problems, it’s difficult to ignore. You need to find a professional, and quickly.

When you’re in need of an HVAC professional, it can be easy to rush. Unfortunately, there are companies out there ready to take advantage of home and business owners trying to find quick solutions. They cut corners in several different areas, and the resulting mess can be very expensive for you. You need a way to filter the good from the bad, and there’s nothing like asking questions. In today’s blog, we’re going to share several questions you should ask a prospective HVAC specialist.

Questions to Ask a Prospective HVAC Company

Unless you have an emergency, no work should be done on your system until you get a quote. A quote is supposed to outline everything that needs to be done and what it will cost. It is an extremely important part of the transaction between you and any HVAC contractor. Don’t let the contractor rush through the quote and get you to sign off on it. Instead, ask some questions.

What will you do to make sure the quote is accurate for my system? 

  • Repairing or replacing an HVAC system involves a lot more than simply trading out parts. Technology changes quickly, which means that your system may not be ready to handle brand new parts. Replacement parts may not fit the same way. Do not compromise when it comes to the quote. You want a professional to visit your system in person. The specialist should take the time to ensure that all recommendations not only make sense for your system but align with current codes (which change, too). A quote should show how your chosen specialist will prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars fixing repairs or bringing your system back up to code.

What kind of experience and training will the person creating the quote have? 

  • You do not want an inexperienced or unknowledgeable specialist determining the work that needs to be done on your system. You don’t want a salesman, either. You need a professional who knows his or her stuff and won’t try to sell you parts just to make a sale. Unfortunately, this happens a lot. Studies show that a majority of heating and air conditioning systems have been installed incorrectly and aren’t sized right for the spaces they serve. A contractor with industry knowledge will be able to put your repair job on the right track.

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