Our HVAC systems keep our homes comfortable and healthy all year long. If we lived in a different time, we would have to take action every time we wanted our homes to be warmer or cooler. However, because HVAC systems have thermostats, we can just keep doing whatever we’re doing and the system will regulate the temperature by itself. It is truly a convenient technology.

Any technology is great when it works and a major pain when it doesn’t. When a thermostat malfunctions, it can cost you a lot of money in unneeded heating and cooling efforts. The thing is, the thermostat is one of the last things that people suspect when their HVAC systems have problems. It should be one of the first things they check. As the “brains” of your HVAC system, it has a huge impact on the heating and cooling of your home. That is why we want to take today’s blog to explore signs that your thermostat is the culprit.

Signs Your Thermostat is Having Problems

It is located incorrectly.

  • Because your thermostat turns your HVAC system on and off depending on the ambient air around it, it must be in a place that accurately represents the overall temperature of your home. If it is located in a particularly cold area, it will turn on your furnace and broil the rest of your home in an effort to raise the ambient temperature it’s sensing. The opposite occurs if the thermostat is located in a hot area; it will either use air conditioning to freeze your other rooms or fail to turn on the furnace to warm them up. Keep in mind that direct sunlight is particularly bad for thermostat accuracy.

Your furnace isn’t turning on.

  • If the location of your thermostat is not the problem, there may be a short in the wiring, preventing it from communicating with the furnace in the first place. You may have to get your furnace checked to ensure that the problem isn’t on that end.

The thermostat’s screen won’t respond.

  • A nonresponsive thermostat isn’t going to do good things for your HVAC system. It may take a hard reset to get the thermostat back on track. Turning it on and off may fix the problem as well. If these basic solutions don’t work, the thermostat may need to be replaced completely. The good news is, a majority of thermostat issues are covered by factory warranty. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a new thermostat at little to no cost. Our HVAC specialists can ensure you get a model that suits your system and your budget.

The thermostat is dirty.

  • Dust and other contaminants can build up on the wiring in your thermostat, preventing it from working correctly. This can be a quick fix, as all it takes is carefully opening it up and cleaning it up.

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