Do you have your HVAC system maintained annually? If the answer is “no,” you aren’t alone. A lot of people save calling the HVAC specialist until their systems break down. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to systems that function 24/7 all year long, emergency maintenance just isn’t a wise strategy. Your HVAC system heats your home in winter and cools it in the summer, which means it needs to be on its game more often than you probably are. Because HVAC systems are pure mechanics with several moving parts, they constantly wear down and must be maintained if they are to last any significant amount of time. The problem is, HVAC systems are designed to function out-of-sight and are therefore often out-of-mind for homeowners. Instead of waiting for your HVAC system to get your attention with a serious failure, give it annual maintenance. If you aren’t sure annual maintenance is necessary, read on!

The Actual Importance of Annual HVAC Maintenance

What can regular maintenance do for you and your pocketbook?

  • Decrease Expensive Repairs

    • When you’re dealing with a machine that has moving parts, small problems rarely get better and go away. Instead, they get worse. A fraying belt may make weird noises at first, but if it isn’t addressed, it can snap and end up whipping around inside your furnace or air conditioner. Believe us, a preemptive repair bill is much better than the emergency one. Believe us, the money you save on emergency repairs will end up paying for all the preemptive repairs along the way!
  • Extend the Life of Your System

    • Much like human bodies, mechanical systems last longer when they’re cared for properly. A well-cared-for system will give you your money’s worth, which is important, considering how expensive good HVAC systems can be. Just one faulty part can cause a domino effect of damage through your system, and you want your HVAC system to be strong as a whole. Pack more years between the present and future HVAC replacement by investing in regular maintenance!

  • Prevent Catastrophic Breakdowns

    • There is no good time for an HVAC system to break down. The discomfort and inconvenience of a failed HVAC system can be avoided with regular maintenance, so get your maintenance scheduled with us today!
  • Improve Your Energy Costs

    • When an HVAC system is neglected, it needs to consume more and more energy in order to do its job. You’ll see your energy bills go up, and sometimes, it is slow enough that people don’t notice for a long time. You want the system to be able to do its job while using a minimum of energy, and our expert team of HVAC repair specialists can do that for you.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Safety

    • Failing HVAC systems can cause fires via short circuits or emit dangerous carbon monoxide. Keep your family and yourself safe by letting us make sure your system is at its best.

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