Change The Filters!

You’d be surprised by how many people forget to do this vital maintenance task. It’s not a difficult one, it’s just that many homeowners just don’t think about it. Consequently, the filters get clogged, and your entire heating system, including your furnace, has to work harder to pump heated air throughout your home. What’s more, that air is dirty, because if your filter is clogged with dust, dirt, germs, and other particles and pollutants, you can be sure that your HVAC system is dislodging this grime from your filter and circulating it through your ducts and out your vents. You don’t want this for yourself or your family!

We often get calls for heater repairs, when in fact, all that was needed was to replace the filter. This one small and often overlooked task makes a world of difference! If you’re wondering where to start to make your furnace work better for you, begin with the filter.

Replace Your Thermostat

Especially if you have an older system, in an older home with its original HVAC equipment, it may be time to get a new thermostat. Even if you have a more efficient, newer heating system, replacing the thermostat with a newer, smarter one can offer you the following advantages:

  • Smart programmable thermostats can lead to more efficient HVAC system operation.
  • Greater efficiency leads to less waste and more savings on utility bills.
  • Better efficiency also means your furnace won’t be working as hard.
  • You’ll need to make fewer adjustments, which means your furnace won’t be turning on and off as frequently.
  • You’ll experience more consistent temperatures both day and night, with your furnace not having to switch on and off constantly to achieve this consistency.

These and other benefits inevitably lead to a furnace that’ll work better for you!

Get Your Ductwork Fixed

Even in newer homes, ducts may have numerous leaks. Where the edges come together, there may be significant gaps. Some duct systems were not designed properly; others were not installed correctly. In some homes, both the ductwork design and installation have issues.

With hot air leaking out of the holes and gaps in ducts, your furnace has to work more to compensate for this leakage. A great way to help your furnace is to get duct repair work done, then your furnace will be able to run more efficiently, which in turn, means it’ll likely last longer before needing repairs or replacement.

Have Other Potential Leaks Sealed

Climate-controlled air, whether heat from your furnace or cold air from your air conditioner, leaks out of your home (or business) from a number of locations. Heated or conditioned air can escape through windows, doors, and your attic, to name just a few spots where leakage can occur.

You can have a handyman or handywoman seal your doors and windows, or, if you’re handy yourself, you can do this task. Regarding the attic, consider having more insulation added to the spaces above your ceiling. These measures will help keep your heated air indoors, and this will mean your furnace won’t have to work as hard to keep everyone comfortable.

Keep The Air Intake Clear

Take a quick look at your furnace; are storage boxes or assorted treasures packed around it? This is not a good thing. If you have furniture, boxes, piles of stuff, or miscellaneous items crowding your furnace, its air intake may be blocked. If this is the case, your furnace is working too hard to keep everyone warm. To solve this problem, simple declutter. Move boxes and other items away from the furnace.

Have Your Furnace Checked

Are you just not getting the right temperatures in your home or the performance you expect from your furnace? It may be time to get a qualified, professional HVAC contractor to come by and perform some needed maintenance, and possibly even repairs, on your furnace. A little maintenance can go a long way in improving the efficiency and operation of your furnace. If it’s been a while since anyone has checked your HVAC system, get in touch with a heating company and schedule a maintenance appointment.

James Brown Air Conditioning & Heating Is Poised To Help!

Here in North Carolina, our company serves customers throughout the greater Charlotte region by providing outstanding HVAC repair and maintenance service to prolong the life of your heating and cooling equipment and to ensure that everyone in your dwelling is enjoying comfortable temperatures. We will be happy to change your filters, test your furnace, check your thermostat, and give your heating and cooling system a much-needed tune-up.

Our qualified HVAC technicians can do it all, from maintenance and repairs to installation of new HVAC equipment. We will also be happy to check your indoor air quality and make recommendations for air quality improvements. For all of your heating and cooling needs, reach out to James Brown Air Conditioning & Heating today!