Do you know how good the air is inside your home? As we head toward winter, we’re heading toward a time when windows stay closed and the air inside the home can get pretty stale. It is also a time when our immune systems take a hit from the cold. This is no time to be breathing dirty air that’s just getting dirtier. Instead of closing yourself in with a bunch of contaminants, take some steps to ensure you have good air quality over the winter!

In our last blog, we discussed several good habits for keeping your indoor air quality high, including eliminating synthetic fragrances and cigarette smoke. In today’s blog, we have a few more tips for you to employ against all the invisible particles in the air that may be trying to drag you down!

Use a vacuum regularly.

There aren’t many people who relish vacuuming their carpets, but the benefits are huge. Allergens and chemicals easily accumulate in dust that then settles into your carpets. A good vacuum with a HEPA filter will rid your carpet of toxins as well as allergens, leaving you to breathe easier as you walk through your home.

Put down floor mats.

You might know that people track dirt into your home, but they track in a lot more than that. Many chemicals find their way into the home via the soles of our shoes, including pesticides and ice melters. A simple mat outside the door goes a long way in preventing harmful chemicals from entering your home. If you get a mat that is big enough, people won’t even have to stand there and wipe their feet. They can simply walk over the mat and leave all the yuck behind before stepping into your home.

Keep after humidity levels.

Winter is infamous for being an incredibly dry time indoors, which puts a lot of strain on the body’s systems. On the other hand, you don’t want a super-humid house, because molds and dust mites love the moisture. Optimum humidity is around 30-50 percent, so figure out if you need to install a humidifier or a dehumidifier. Chances are good that you’ll need a dehumidifier in Charlotte. We can install one for you easily!

Here are a few more helpful tips when it comes to humidity:

  • Make sure your dryer vents outside
  • Water houseplants just enough instead of overwatering
  • When showering, cooking, or running the dishwasher, use an exhaust fan. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, crack a window.
  • Get leaky plumbing fixed to prevent mold from settling in.

Get your filters changed

Your HVAC system is designed to capture contaminants and prevent them from being blown back into your home. Help it do its job by contacting Jams Brown Air Conditioning & Heating for filter changes before the weather gets too cold.

The team at James Brown Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to provide Charlotte with world-class air cleaners and HVAC service. Use the HVAC team who will treat your property with respect and go the extra mile to ensure you are satisfied!