When it comes to the air we breathe at work or at home, we don’t really notice it unless it is too hot, too cold, too humid, or funny-smelling. We actually miss a lot, and this can be dangerous to our health. Our indoor air is full of tiny particles we never see as we breathe them into our bodies, and these little particles can have a big impact on our health.

The good news is, modern HVAC systems are designed to clean the air as they heat or cool it. Our job at James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating is to ensure that those HVAC systems can do their jobs! In today’s blog, we want to share some of the ways we can work as a team with you to ensure that you’re breathing air that will support your health and comfort rather than undermining it.

Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

  • Manage your textiles.

    • Every carpet, drape, and curtain is a potential home to dust mites, pollen, cleaning agent residue, and other irritants. All it takes is walking over a dirty rug or brushing a dusty curtain, and a bunch of nasty particles fills the air. Depending on how built-up the particles are, vacuuming or washing may just make the problem worse. If your textiles are dusty and old, you may be better off tossing them out and updating your home with new curtains and rugs.
  • Throw in some green.

    • Indoor plants not only add a refreshing flash of living green, many of them are excellent at filtering the air. They give out fresh oxygen, so it’s a good idea to place them strategically around your home. If you are worried about a lack of green thumb or toxicity for pets, there are plenty of plants that can take a lot of abuse. There are also many plants that don’t represent any danger to pets, so you have a lot of options!

  • Don’t neglect the filters.

    • Filters are what give HVAC systems the ability to clean the air. They also keep nasty particles away from delicate machinery. However, they aren’t infallible. They get clogged up and can end up choking your furnace or air conditioner. Our skilled technicians can easily check your filters and replace them when needed. You can also invest in high-tech filters that that are incredibly effective at taking even the smallest particles out of the air before they can harm your machinery — or you!
  • Fine-tune the humidity.

    • Humidity has a big impact on air quality, and it can get out of control during the summer (and turn dry as a desert during the winter). A lot of humidity can lead to mold and other dangerous particles getting into the air. Contact us to get your system assessed on whether or not you need a humidifier or a dehumidifier to balance out the moisture content in your home or business.

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