Your furnace does more than just keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months. It also ensures that your pipes don’t freeze and burst, causing expensive water damage. It keeps your home’s interior and foundation warm, preventing cracks and other issues. Ensuring that your thermostat and furnace are both working well this winter is very important, and we are here to help.

In our last blog, we discussed some of the noises that furnaces make and what they mean. In today’s blog, we want to share some signs beyond noises that your furnace needs attention. Read on to learn more!

Ways Your Furnace Talks to You

  • Heat problems. If you’re getting air but no heat, it’s definitely time to give us a call. Before you pick up the phone, check your fuse box and the furnace’s electrical panel to determine if a circuit breaker may have been tripped. If this is the case, you can switch the breaker off and then on again to solve the problem. However, if the breaker isn’t responsible, something more is going on, and we can figure it out.
  • Cycling problems. When your furnace turns on and off more quickly than usual, it is cycling incorrectly. This behavior can be caused by several different issues, including the thermostat, air duct blockages, and failing sensors. We can quickly address these problems.
  • The pilot light isn’t blue. Your furnace’s pilot light should be on at all times, and it should always be blue in color. If it is any other color, something is wrong. It is important to contact us immediately because you could have a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

  • Labored functioning. Your furnace needs to breathe, and when it does so, it draws in dirt and other contaminants. Filters are placed in the system to prevent these contaminants from reaching delicate working parts. However, when the filters get clogged, the furnace has to work harder to do its job. If the filters get clogged enough, the fan can stop working completely. Cleaning the filters is part of regular maintenance, and we can easily take care of that for you.
  • Temperature inconsistencies throughout your home. Older furnaces have a harder time distributing heated air through the whole home. If you start to experience cool spots that weren’t there before, it’s probably a sign that your furnace needs attention.
  • High heating bills. A clogged or aging furnace tends to guzzle fuel. If you find that your heating bills are going up more than you would ever expect, it definitely time to give us a call.

Turn to James Brown Air Conditioning and Heating

When you need help with your furnace, it’s important to have access to a team of experts who can give your furnace the care it needs. We are proud to provide Charlotte with world-class HVAC installation and repair. We will always treat your property with respect and care, and you will find our technicians are punctual and respectful. Contact us in Charlotte today to learn more about what we can do for you!