If you have an internet connection, you probably have heard the term “DIY.” Independence is a great thing, and it’s recently taken the form of the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) fad. It doesn’t matter what you need; chances are good that if you Google it with “DIY” attached, you’ll find a dozen articles with instructions on how to craft, repair, or maintain anything. While rolling up your sleeves and diving in can be an empowering experience in many situations, there are some tasks that you shouldn’t touch unless you know what you’re doing. HVAC work is one of them.

Why HVAC Isn’t a DIY Project

HVAC specialists spend years of their lives learning how to install, service, and maintain HVAC systems, and even though the DIY movement would excitedly claim an article with pictures can be the equivalent, it simply isn’t true. Many people have learned this the hard way. We want to take this blog to explain why your HVAC system should be left out of the world of DIY.

HVAC systems can be dangerous.

Compared with some systems, HVAC systems can seem pretty benign. However, HVAC uses electricity and chemicals to keep running, and both of these resources can be fatal when handled incorrectly. Our specialists are trained in spotting risks and have to be certified to work with dangerous chemicals. Even though the system may seem simple to you, it’s not worth running the risk of injuring yourself and possibly damaging your system.

DIY work voids warranties.

Warranties generally require professionals to maintain the appliances they cover, so any time you try to work on your HVAC system yourself, you void its warranty. Even if you fix the issue, the next time the system has trouble, all the costs come out of your pocket. In the worst case scenario, you’ll damage your system and have to pay not only for the first issue but the damage you caused as well.

HVAC work requires training.

HVAC specialists not only attend years of school to hone their skills, but they also spend time as apprentices and must complete ongoing work to maintain their certifications. This means they’re up-to-date on all the newest developments in the HVAC world and know how to handle both old and new systems. Our technicians also have access to the best gauges, tools, and safety equipment necessary for completing effective HVAC work. This empowers them to deliver efficient, lasting results on an effective schedule.

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