It has been a warm winter this season in North Carolina, and while air conditioners in other parts of the country are in hibernation, ours are still running strong. These machines are crucial to our comfort, and when they start leaking water, it can be pretty unnerving.

HVAC units will show condensation when they dehumidify, but if you have pooling or leaking water, something else is going on. In the interest of keeping your unit working at its best, you need to give James Brown Heating and Air Conditioning a call. There are several causes we will investigate when we visit, and we will discuss them in our next two blogs.

  1. The pump is broken
    • If the condenser pump is broken, you can tell by pouring water into the condenser pan. If the unit fails to pump out the excess, the problem has been identified. When we visit, we will check that the pump still has access to power. If it does, then either the motor or the condenser itself have gone out.
  2. The drain hole is clogged
    • Your unit has a hole for draining off the water that comes out of it. Like any drain, it can get clogged with dirt, insects, and more. We will check the tubing to make sure it is clear. If it is not, we will use specialized tools and clear the way for the water. This will end the pooling issues!

At James Brown Heating and Air Conditioning, we are HVAC repair and installation experts. Let us help keep you comfortable this season. Give us a call today!

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