In our last blog, we explored different reasons why your air conditioning unit might be leaking water. It has been a toasty winter so far in North Carolina, and we need our air conditioners to be at the top of their game. At James Brown Heating and Air Conditioning, we are committed to being your solution to any HVAC issue.

The first two reasons your unit may be leaking are a broken pump or clogged drain hole. You can read about them here. In this blog, we will consider other reasons you have pooling water.

  1. Your unit was installed improperly
    • This one may seem silly, but it is a possibility to consider. If your unit was not installed by us, it may have been installed incorrectly, and air conditioners always leak when installed the wrong way. They will often be crooked or the system may have too much pressure. Give us a call!
  2. You have air leaks
    • Funny that air leaks should cause water leaks, but they do. If the unit’s seals are not tight, extra warm air gets inside the unit, which causes condensation and pooling water. You will need call us to reseal the unit.
  3. The exterior temperature is too cold
    • Seeing as we are expecting 80 degree weather on Christmas, this one is just a formality! Plunging temperatures cause water to build up inside the unit instead of evaporating. This problem will go away when it warms back up.

When it comes to HVAC installation and repair in Charlotte, there is nobody better. Call James Brown Heating and Air Conditioning today!